Monday, September 19, 2016

 Hundreds of people I have met every single person had problems really make a difference for people slamming my friends on the computer you know what this is about a bad experience is about somebody who maybe had a bad experience with a company that basically help everybody if you came to them and you walked in the door as you're guilty I'm sorry if anybody has an eating disorder of problems with anything that claims to be a victim   PTSD I know what I really don't care I'm the person that supports and always will support the owners of a former Putnam County-based treatment facility they are friends of mine I will never let anybody trash them if anybody continues you guys are sicker than I actually thought I apologize for anybody who has problems with these people but you know what these owners tried everything they could  They didn't come find you guys as patient you found them and as for all these allegations on the Internet about the Putnam County based Brewster treatment facility known formerly as SLS should still be around should not have been dismantled  no doctor did anything wrong in my opinion I don't claim to be the nicest person in the world doesn't matter who I am I know most bloggers on psych watch and now I see a lot of things that should've been handled differently and probably never would've banana differently because those people are crazy I know each and everyone of them I really don't care to share names because I'm  not that type of person who's going to start pointing fingers at people but one thing I'm not going to do is defend the actions of a former person who decided it's OK to try to make contact with a former person here not very intelligent I really do think SLS help me help a lot of people I can't comment on 2007.  And I don't know anything about the stuff that was pending before 2008 so basically I'm second to see all these sick mind Freud crap on the Internet posts learn a few things and then post something what all you're doing is ruining the mental health drug treatment world you have nothing better to do than trash people who went to school mother   I'm not defending any known criminals as per your gigantic blog of criminals but I'm defending the Putnam based formerly known as treatment facility it's unknown  Half of the people filling out these blogs are telling the truth well unfortunately knowing a few people I can tell you  you're not worth my time you're not worth my capacity of thought and none of you will ever be thank you for trying hard to ruin the lives of one of the greatest creators in the world Sigmund Freud you guys trash him by basically allowing sick mind Freud to report things about a facility that's gone a good one to a place that actually helped me   SLS was one of the finest facilities in the country I'm sorry nobody liked it nobody knocked on your door and said hey there from SLS you guys found them to court orders that's true they also did a little things that supposedly should never of happened my opinion I don't think DCF client should've been allowed I don't think anybody should've been allowed without private pay you know what I will always stick with that  I do not like people getting trashed why don't you guys come up with some real hard-core evidence and presented to me I'm one of those people who if I see the right information I reach into my pocket and I pull out the handkerchief to wipe the tears from my eyes but you know what but not in this case sick mind Freud you have your rights but you don't have your rights to post things on there and went up stupid website trashing facilities victims  or the business people being portrayed as the  listen I know most of these people and I'm going to say right now my privacy is my policy anybody got a problem with that too bad I got so many stories I could tell but they are so positive they would make your stupid blogs look like a joke I've had a very good experience around Putnam County New York  I would've bought SLS if I could've I have a friend who owns one of the largest educational companies who basically wanted it and I could've bought it but you know what giving money to a good facility to keep people limit that basically  don't meet the world standards of being seen the problem so my friend decided yeah it's not good

 I.  Had been violated by so many clients around me who steal from me at SOS but you know what that wasn't the problem it was all resolved quick do you know what unfortunately people who know who I am and I really don't give a shit you're nothing to me more than a bunch of pathetic crying upset disturbed mental individuals who should be treated but you know what you probably don't have the resources in any type of credibility   Do you ever   I have met so many people over the years and I only think 50% of them succeeded because they didn't sue the hell out of somebody who didn't even do anything wrong you guys are incorrect and like I said there's no credibility I'm sorry that you guys had a bad experience I really am my tears are coming down for you guys I'm smiling from my good experience DCF screwed everything up and so did insurance companies thank you for ruining the names of good   Friends of mine as the last is a friend of mine and always will be in my heart